From Project Development to Operation

Our Advice

The focus of KEF is on advice for project development and project structuring, project finance, national and international sale and purchase of projects. We give our advice on the basis of long-standing and comprehensive experience in supporting wind energy projects (onshore and offshore) as well as solar-pv projects.

KEF give advice on sale and purchase of renewable energy projects, either as share deals (sale and purchase of shares in the business) or as assets deals (sale and purchase of plants and licenses). We are supporting investors and banks by auditing projects in all legal regards (Legal Due Diligence). Furthermore, we prepare, review and negotiate the respective sale and purchase agreements. One main focus of KEF is the consultancy for M&A transactions. We have gathered experience in more than 100 transactions.

KEF advises project developers on the legal structuring of renewable energy projects. Our advice encompasses the drafting of complex contracts for cooperation, partnership agreements, joint venture agreements, as well as other corporate agreements.

KEF give advice to project developers on all private law contracts related to the planning, execution and operation of renewable energy projects. In regards to project agreements, our scope includes the drafting, review and negotiation of the following agreements:

  • Contracts for the use of land and arrangement of easements
  • Turbine supply agreements and solar panel supply agreements
  • Turn-key agreements
  • Contracts under VOB, German Civil Code (BGB) and FIDIC
  • Service and maintenance contracts
  • Management agreements
  • Project financing agreements

KEF gives comprehensive advice in the area of development planning (land-use and zoning plans in Germany) as well as in permitting, taking into account environmental and immission control. We represent client in administrative and court procedures.

KEF advises in all legal aspects of the German Renewable Energies Act (EEG) and of the Energy Law (EnWG). We give advice to project developers and operators of renewable energy projects in tenders under the EEG, die establishment of communal energy partnerships (Bürgerenergiegesellschaften), EEG levies, grid connection, redispatch 2.0, etc.


Furthermore, KEF prepares, reviews and negotiates power purchase agreements for wind- and solar projects.

KEF is advising clients on the preparation of financial information (prospectus) for the German regulator of financial markets (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht) in regards to corporate bonds or corporate stakeholdings. We build upon years of experience in the preparation of securities prospectuses and approvals with the  German Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).